Lifetime’s ‘Lonestar Christmas’ stars Marco Grazzini and Stephanie Bennett, Watch Trailer and More details about this movie

Lifetime’s ‘Lonestar Christmas’:

Lifetime’s ‘Lonestar Christmas’ premiered on December 14, 2020. Stars Marco Grazzini & Stephanie Bennett. Let’s see what’s going on in Lifetime’s new holiday movie and what makes it different from others.

Let’s see every detail about this movie, Trailer, cast, and is it worth watching? want good recommendations for Christmas/ Holiday movies keep Reading.


If we are talking about holiday movies and that too on lifetime, There is no way that family drama will not involve. So yes another family reunion story is here.

A single mother trying to forgive her father for the mistakes he made in the past. Eventually trying to celebrate Christmas together and falling in love with a local restaurant owner. Sounds Familiar??.

Yes, it will definitely. Now you are thinking about why to watch this flick when the story is not that unique and interesting. Just the same old cliche holiday movie. Well, you are wrong. We will give you Reasons to watch Lonestar Christmas.

Why add this movie to a holiday movie watching list :

So first and foremost reason to watch this movie is Mother daughters bonding. A young widow Erin and her daughters missing their father. You can feel those overflowing emotions through the screen. Erin’s estranged relationship with her dad and her dad’s guilt is portrayed well.
A great family reunion movie gives meaning to relationships. What’s better than a family reunion in the holidays. One of the Great holiday movie.

Watch Trailer: Lonestar Christmas Trailer- Nicely entertainment

Let’s know the characters well/cast members:


  • Erin Oliver played by Stephanie Bennett:  a single mother, young widow taking care of her 2 daughters.
  • Mateo Verdosa played by Marco Grazzini: Local Restaurant owner falls in love with Erin.
  • Gary played by Brent strait: Erin’s father
  • Farrah played by Colleen wheeler: Erin’s mother
  • Peyton played by Lina Renna: Erin’s daughter
  • Carter played by Emma Oliver: Erin’s younger daughter

Because of all this great cast, this is a good film.


Overall it’s a great movie. Great acting, well-executed script. All these factors make this movie unique in a way in spite of having the same storyline. High recommend.


Apart from lifetime’s Lonestar Christmas, there are many movies to consider watching this season. Here are a couple of recommendations.

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As we are not going anywhere at Christmas these warm and cozy holiday movies are great to binge-watch.