Karnataka colleges will reopen from october: deputy cm Karnataka

Karnataka college will reopen in October. After more than five months, the doors of the colleges are setting things to open in Karnataka state. The deputy CM and higher education minister of Karnataka, on Wednesday, said that degree colleges will be opened from 1st of October. Until then the online classes would be held from September 1st

Deputy Cheif-Minister About Reopening Colleges-

CN.Aswath Narayan, deputy Cheif-Minister and Higher Education Minister who holds the higher education portfolio said on twitter. “We have decided to use the online medium to the ball rolling on. All academic activities from the next month as well need to conduct a few degree exams in September”. And he also said the state has made wide preparations for starting classes as per the guidelines issued by Union Grant Commission. He also added “The state government will follow additional directions from the central government to ensure the safety of students”

Karnataka college will reopen in october

The government will soon come up with the examination schedule, For final year students of engineering, diploma and undergraduates.” Once the academic year is started the final-year exams along with backlogs are conducted” Narayan said.

Karnataka college will reopen in October. If the higher command and the Supreme Court agrees to the safety measures of the Karnataka Government.

About Reopening of Schools- Karnataka college will reopen in October

Education Minister S.Suresh Kumar of the state says the government will wait for the Union Government’s guidelines. Vision of reopening schools 

Watch-Karnataka Government Announces All Colleges To Restart Offline Classes From October 1 | CNN News18


Conclusion-Karnataka college will reopen in october

If the colleges will open in state there will be a lot of floating of people on the roads than normal days. The rate of transportation will increase. As the students travel from large distance mostly the hostlers. The day scholar students should travel in the buses where maintaing the social distance is not a possible thing. As we come to the hostlers they have to share the beds. Like sleeping together by touching each other bodies is an another highly impossible for maintaining distances. While eating in hostel canteen there is a issue of cleaning the things. Opening colleges or schools is not a fun act but having a high risky of students health and career.

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