Amazon announces Fire TV Stick Lite and upgrades Fire TV Stick : Price, features and more

Amazon announced recently that it will be upgrading Fire TV Stick; it’s a very popular video-streaming device. The company has also announced the launch of Fire TV Stick Lite; which will cater to the needs of the next generation; and provide an unimaginable and customized personal experience to the users.

Amazon announces Fire TV Stick Lite and upgrades Fire TV Stick
Amazon announces a new range of devices for the next generation

Parag Gupta; the Head of Amazon Devices; India, added that; Millions of Indians will now have access to better and faster streaming experience. The launch of their newest device and the up-gradation of the existing one will provide a powerful; with better voice synchronization with Alexa; and affordable experience to the customers during these uncertain times.

Upgraded Fire TV Stick: Price and Features

The new Fire TV Stick will cost Rs. 3,999. With 1.7 GHz core processor, it is likely to be 50% more powerful than the previous generation.

Amazon claims that the upgraded version will deliver a streaming speed of 1080p at 60fps with HDR compatibility. It is also believed to have the dual-band, dual-antenna Wifi support 5 GHz networks; this will facilitate in a stable and undisturbed streaming experience.

The device also possesses Dolby Atmos, for an immersive sound experience. Furthermore, this upgraded version of the TV Stick will perform all these functions while consuming 50% less electricity in comparison to its previous device.

Fire TV Stick Lite: Price and Features

Amazon’s new device is likely to cost the consumers Rs. 2,999.

Amazon claims that the device is 50% more powerful than the previous generation Fire Tv Stick. In addition to the HDR support; it will also support Alexa Remote Lite that will facilitate the users in searching, launching and controlling the content.

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The Brand New Design and a Powerful Experience

The new update will support up to six user profiles. One may also create children’s profiles that will only display child-friendly content that has been approved with parental monitoring. Previously, to see content suggested within the applications, one had to turn the profiles within each app.

The newest features offer a new choice for viewing video cameras on a TV via picture-in-picture; like seeing a tiny window on your computer while watching movies or TV shows.

The new and upgraded version is sure to provide an unimaginable, never-had-like-before and powerful experience to the users.

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